Peregrine falcon chick hatches at Derby cathedral

The first of four peregrine falcon eggs has hatched at Derby Cathedral watched live by webcam viewers from around the world.

The other eggs are expected to hatch in the next few days. Nick Dixon, a national expert on peregrines nesting, is asking anyone who sees the chicks being fed to leave a comment on the falcon webpage. He wants to find out how long it takes for the chicks to be offered their first meal.

Anyone can view the birds on the Derby City Council website and the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is organising a watch point on Cathedral Green behind the cathedral on Bank Holiday Monday. The webcam had more than 500,000 hits in 2009. The first pair of falcons nested on the cathedral’s tower in 2006. More webcam from England Here.

Le Mont Blanc, France Webcam

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, Western Europe and the European Union.

The mountain lies between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Haute-Savoie, France and the location of the summit is on the watershed line between the valleys of Ferret and Veny in Italy and the Arve Valley in France. It rises 15,782 ft above sea level and is ranked 11th in the world in topographic prominence.

The Mont Blanc massif is being put forward as a potential World Heritage Site because of its uniqueness and its cultural importance, considered the birthplace and symbol of modern mountaineering. Le Mont Blanc, France Webcam, Italy Webcam

College of St. Scholastica Webcam

The College of Saint Scholastica is a private college with its main campus located in Duluth, Minnesota. The College was founded in 1912 by a group of pioneering Benedictine Sisters who offered college courses to six young women. Today St. Scholastica educates more than 2,800 men and women and has graduated more than 13,000 alumni.

The 186-acre (0.75 km2) campus is set on a hill overlooking Lake Superior. Campus buildings include: Tower Hall, the Science Center, Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel, the Myles Reif Recreation Center, Burns Wellness Commons, the 500-seat Mitchell Auditorium, the College Library, the Little Theatre, a newly-expanded Student Union, Somers Residence Hall and seven apartment complexes.

Adjoining the campus are St. Scholastica Monastery, home of the Benedictine Sisters, and the Benedictine Health Center, which serves the needs of the Duluth area and provides opportunities for practical experience for many of the College’s health science and behavioral arts and sciences students. St. Scholastica has a 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio and offers 17 intercollegiate athletics programs, with more than 50 extracurricular offerings.

St. Scholastica is consistently recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report Report magazine. The magazine’s 2010 “America’s Best Colleges” ranks St. Scholastica in the Top Tier of regional universities in the Midwest. Read the rest of this entry »

Image quality. It is more than just megapixels.

Logitech Webcam 9000

Seeing the smile on your grandson’s face or the glitter off your daughter’s engagement ring is so much better than a phone call. And a webcam can really make these experiences possible, even when you’re separated by thousands of miles. But getting the right webcam is more than just a matter of finding the one with the most megapixels.
At Logitech, they’re not just trying to dazzle you with more megapixels. Megapixels are only part of the picture. Image quality—especially when it comes to making a video call—depends on at least five things: the webcam lens and sensor, your computer, your Internet connection, and the video-calling program.

The truth about megapixels :
A higher-megapixel sensor doesn’t equal high-quality images on its own, so it’s important not to just look at megapixels and forget about the other aspects of the camera. Higher-megapixel sensors, however, can give you more fine detail. Pick one of the webcams with a true two-megapixel sensor—such as the Logitech® Webcam Pro 9000 or the  Logitech® Webcam C905 —and you’ll enjoy sharper, more detailed photos. Read the rest of this entry »