Chocolate Hole, Virgin Islands Webcam

St. John was first settled by the Arawak Indians who had migrated north from coastal Colombia and Venezuela around AD 300. The Arawaks inhabited the island until around the year AD 1300, when they were driven off by the more aggressive and warlike Carib Indians.

Christopher Columbus is credited with being the first European to see the Virgin Islands during his second voyage to the New World in 1493.  The Danish West India and Guinea Company represented the first Europeans to settle the island in 1718.  The Danish crown took full control of the colony in 1754.  Sugar plantations, were established in great numbers on St. John because of the intense heat and fertile terrain, which provided ideal growing conditions.

In 1917 the United States purchased the U.S. Virgin Islands for $25 million from the Danish government in order to establish a naval base whose purpose was to prevent German expansion in the Western Hemisphere. They also agreed to recognize Denmark’s claim to Greenland, which they had previously disputed: Chocolate Hole, Virgin Islands Webcam

Test your Webcam, Play with your Webcam, Eye Toy

On you can play with your webcam and view live video of yourself in fun effects! HelloWebcam is a free website to play with your webcam online using your web browser. Uses Adobe Flash Player, AKA Macromedia Flash. Anyone with a webcam, and Flash Player can have some fun…Try it! 

This website requires Flash and a Webcam to play. if your webcam doesn’t seem to be working from Flash, right-click (or control-click) on the Flash animation, select Settings and try choosing a different video source (default is not always the right one).

Acid-flashback-webcam : Move your hands and behold, trippy motion trailing blurred effects.

Alternate-universes-webcam : Many views of your self, some different times & places.

ASCII-webcam : Turn live video into ASCII characters.

ASCII- Text webcam : Turn live video into ASCII Text characters.

Bounce-ball-game-webcam : Bounce Ball Game Webcam.

Capture Picture Webcam : Capture a picture with a Webcam

Detect-motion-demo-webcam : Motion detection demonstration.

Edge-motion-demo-webcam : Edge detecting and motion sensing demos.

Face-detection-demo-webcam: Face Detection Demo Webcam.

Feeling-dizzy-webcam : Impaired vision effect like when you have a high fever or alcohol poisoning.

Fire-flames-effect-webcam : Flames on effect, you appear to be on fire.

Fireworks webcam : Fireworks !     Read the rest of this entry »

Sydney Airport takes security to new heights with Axis

The Mission

Sydney Airport sought a more flexible, scalable solution that could keep pace with its growing operations while maintaining the highest level of security and safety that staff and the traveling public expect from an airport regularly voted one of the world’s best.

The Solution

Sydney Airport decided to migrate from video servers to Axis network cameras. It has transitioned an analog-based video surveillance system comprising analog cameras over coax, to a hybrid IP-based solution with a total installation of more than 1,000 cameras.

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The loons, the loons: Webcam shows an incubating nest in Minnesota

The film “On Golden Pond” introduced common loons to the general public in 1981. Even their voice, particularly the yodel, became a widely recognized bird sound. Until then, we suspect few nonbiologists and nonbirders knew what loons were. They nest on isolated lakes across Canada and the northern tier of states so relatively few people ever encountered them.

For the last week, however, we’ve been watching a loon nest every day. The female laid the first egg May 5, followed by a second egg May 7. With an average incubation period of 28 days, we expect the eggs to hatch on June 4 or 5.

Until then, we are content to watch as the parents share incubation. Every few hours the adult slides off the nest into the water to feed. A few minutes later, an adult returns, hops awkwardly onto land, and settles back onto the eggs. Because the sexes are identical, it’s impossible to know which parent takes over the nest. Read the rest of this entry »