Your Face is now your password

Normally, people use password to lock their computer which is not safe always if your login password is know to others or stolen by your fellow colleagues in office or workplace.

Luxand has come up with a new face detection technology which allows you to login to your PC by simply looking into a webcam for a moment without entering password. Concisely, your face is your password. Login to Your PC by Simply Looking (Without Password):

Webcam Game

Transforms your ordinary web camera into a motion-tracking gaming device and places you at the centre of a unique online gaming experience…

If you know webcam games websites….

Webcam Chatroulette New Version

The concept is simple, you are randomly connected to other webcam users with the purpose of chatting and if you don’t like what you see you just move on to the next user. This isn’t ground breaking nor very intelligent however it’s attracting and engaging lots of users.
I do want to give a fair warning since some of the users are interacting a bit too much but webcamchatroulette is is fun!

Funny Webcam Chatroulette Meme faces

Pictures of funny Chat Roulette meme faces. Strangers are given a meme pictures and asked to make similar face while they are live on Webcam Chat Roulette. Some of the following pictures are really funny. See them yourself at webcamchatroulette

Webcam Chatroulette screenshots, pictures, video submitted by users all over the world. Updated constantly with new and funny webcamchatroulette reactions…