Webcam opens up pub kitchen to its diners

A popular pub has become the first in the country to allow punters to watch their dinner being cooked on live webcams. During lunch and dinner times at the Overstone Arms, situated in the village of Pytchley, Northants, punters can watch head chef Russell Clamp on the UK’s first ‘Chefcam’ as he prepares and dishes up food.

Mr Clamp, 51, who has been at the pub since May, says he can also talk webcam watchers on Skype through his recipes or simply let them soak up the kitchen atmosphere. The experienced chef, who has cooked for Prince Charles on a private yacht in the past, came up with the innovative idea after fellow chefs and curious customers often asked about their meals and how they were served up.

He said: “I’m quite a chatty person and not afraid to let people know exactly how I do my job.“Because of the style of food we do, which we refer to as art on a plate, I have a team who each have their own artistic style which they put on the plate.

“I think it is a good idea, chefs need to be more open. There’s a lot of TV programmes about chefs so we need to get used to the idea of people watching us. I see no idea why it won’t take off and be adopted by plenty more restaurants and pubs.” Read the rest of this entry »

Webcamchatroulette Girls

The popular Webcamchatroulette site has been and continues to be a venue where one can meet girls of all types, from all over the world. While most of these online video conversations are just a fleeting distraction during a day of online work, some meetings on webcamWebcamchatroulette lead to lasting friendships and more with the wide variety of Webcamchatroulette girls who visit the site from all over the world.

The Friendly Girl
Of course, most people who enjoy  Webcamchatroulette are there to meet and chat with a friendly girl. The friendly Webcamchatroulette girl is usually a student or other young person who has time to chat during the day and is innocently looking to meet people for friendship and refreshing chat. Usually reasonably attractive physically, honest in her conversation, nicely and properly dressed, calm, and well spoken, the friendly girl can be from anywhere in the world and often is looking for language practice with a native speaker of the language she wants to learn. Encounters with the friendly girl are pleasant, and often lead to further conversation via E-mail or a messenger program.

The Russian Girl
While the friendly girl can be from anywhere, there are specifically many Russian girls who are quite friendly and tend to be very attractive and feminine. Even if some of these girls may seem unusually forward to more reserved Western Webcamchatroulette chatters, they are kind and well-meaning and really do just want to have fun and meet friends online. Since the program was developed in Russia by a young Russian man, there are indeed many fascinating, yet warm and unpretentious, Russian girls waiting to make friends on Webcamchatroulette.

The Emo Girl
Again coming from anywhere is the emotional girl. Not necessarily the same as the type of girl who is known as “emo” in American slang, the emotional Webcamchatroulette girl turns to Webcamchatroulette because of some emotional upset or state that she wants to deal with by talking. These emotional girls often look to speak to stable older people, and while the usual scenario is a young lady who has just broken up with or been betrayed by a boyfriend, some emotional Webcamchatroulette girls are truly crying for help after a real tragedy such as the loss of a parent and an experienced adult should try to take the opportunity to assist them by keeping in touch after referring them to proper online help. Read the rest of this entry »

New Chatroulette Webcam

Chatroulette Webcam is a website that pairs random strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations.

Visitors to the website randomly begin an online chat (video, audio and text) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.

The idea is that you’ll start a conversation with someone you’d otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. Chatroulette webcam the random video chat website that became a minor pop culture phenomenon : New Chatroulette Webcam

Webcam helps you know before you go

A new web camera in Horseshoe Bay is now live on the Province’s DriveBC website, providing real-time coverage of highway conditions in the area and helping motorists plan a safe journey.

The Province is adding 30 new web cameras to its DriveBC network this year. Priority for new web cameras is given to routes prone to extreme weather or traffic congestion, and for sites where there is not already a nearby webcam.

Heavy ferry traffic at Horseshoe Bay makes this a prime location for a webcam. Commuters and tourists heading to and from the ferry into the Sea-to-Sky Corridor will now have access to current travel and weather information with a click of a button. This will bring the total number of web images available on DriveBC to over 200 by the end of the year.

The new webcamera is located at Highway 1 and Highway 99 at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

DriveBC is the Province of B.C.’s most popular website. It provides timely road condition updates, travel advisories, road closure information for provincial highways, weather information and other important links to the travelling public, to help ensure easier, safer trips.