Abandoned Albino Seal

An adorable albino seal pup who was rejected by her family has found a home and her own webcam at a Russian dolphinarium.

The seal has since been adopted by the Akvatoria dolphinarium in Adler, Russia, where she has her own special, brightly colored enclosure with a pool. Her rescuers gave her the name Nafanya after a Soviet-era cartoon character with similarly colored fur.

Dolphinarium personnel also created a website for Nafanya, which features a webcam that documents her day-to-day activities as she swims and plays in her enclosure. After her monthlong quarantine is complete, Nafanya will be introduced to the other seals living in the dolphinarium.

You can watch Nafanya’s webcam here, but since it is on Moscow time, it is only available to view between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. EST.

Webcam Buying Tips…

Webcams have become an essential Desktop Computer Parts rather than just the usual Personal Computer accessory. With the Internet getting more and more interactive in terms of communicating with other people on the other part of the connected world, the webcam offers an added aspect to the experience, that of letting two people see each other no matter how far apart they may be: Webcam Chat Roulette

Buying a Computer webcam may not be as easy as you think. In order to get the best ones available, you should be able to know what to look for in terms of the different webcam features. Here are the most usual ones that you should know about…

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Webcam from Fort William Scotland

The Ben Nevis Webcam is located at Tomacharich, Fort William. Camera Time is BST (GMT+1) in summer and GMT in winter. The camera viewing angle changes every 5 minutes, rotating through a selection of preset webcam views. The WebCam usually operates between dawn and dusk. Depending on you time of day and location you may not see the mountain live due to night-time darkness in the UK.

Ben Nevis Webcam provides a variety of interesting views of Ben Nevis North Face, Carn Mhor Dearg and Aonach Mor. Throughout the year it often provides spectacular views. In winter, it is an excellent resource for latest snow and ice conditions and a general indication of meteorological conditions. During periods of bad weather in the Ben Nevis area, you may only see a grey picture. Don’t worry – this is genuine and is a natural phenomena called Scotch Mist! Read the rest of this entry »

Face recognition login planned for Windows 8

The days of typing a password to access your computer could be over very shortly if plans by Microsoft come to fruition.

Leaked documents detailing possible features for Windows 8, suggest that Microsoft is looking at using a laptop or computer’s webcam and possibly software already used in its just announced Kinect for Xbox 360, to instantly recognise owners and let them in without questioning them further.

Claiming that camera integration in devices will be ubiquitous by 2012, Microsoft uses one of the slides of the vast document to detail a scenario whereby the PC would automatically detect when the user is sitting in front of the computer and log them in.

Another slide detailing supported tech includes a reference to the need to include a 2D webcam for “Face recognition-based login” and “voice control”.

Microsoft already offers a range of webcams for PC users, and hopes to propel image controlled gaming into the home with the launch of its Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 accessory in November later this year. Read the rest of this entry »