Le Mont Blanc, France Webcam

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, Western Europe and the European Union.

The mountain lies between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Haute-Savoie, France and the location of the summit is on the watershed line between the valleys of Ferret and Veny in Italy and the Arve Valley in France. It rises 15,782 ft above sea level and is ranked 11th in the world in topographic prominence.

The Mont Blanc massif is being put forward as a potential World Heritage Site because of its uniqueness and its cultural importance, considered the birthplace and symbol of modern mountaineering. Le Mont Blanc, France Webcam, Italy Webcam

Rhinoceros birth live via webcam

Saar, an Indian rhinoceros at Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands, is scheduled to deliver her baby in just a few weeks.  As of tomorrow, people will be able to follow this rather rare event live via the internet because Saar’s keepers have installed a hidden camera in the stable which is to serve as a delivery room.

When she gives birth, Saar will have been pregnant for about 480 days. Rhinos are a critically endangered species in the wild, which is why the birth of a baby in capitivity is regarded as a joyful event.

Impregnating Saar was not easy, Amersfoort Zoo says. She and her partner Zimon were reportedly less than enthusiastic when it came to their mating efforts. However, research and persistence eventually led to success. Saar is expected to deliver the baby her first calf in mid November. Live from Netherlands, Amersfoort Zoo, Rhinoceros Cam

Old Victorian House

For both ghost-spotters and Ghostbusters, this could be a dress rehearsal for the real thing. These are 7 live webcams set up in a 100+ year old Victorian house attempting to capture evidence of a haunting. All this while I thought you couldn’t capture a real ghost on film. Guess I was wrong as there are some exclamations in the comments as watchers report some ‘sightings’. Try to spot your own ghost, you will need oodles of patience as camera run 24 x 7 and 365 days a year: Old Victorian House Webcam

Axis IP Webcam

Axis is the global market leader in network video. They were first to bring the benefits of network video technology to professional video surveillance and remote monitoring applications, introducing the world’s first network camera in 1996. With more than two decades of experience in networking technologies, the largest installed base of network video products, as well as strong partnerships with leading players across all continents, Axis is the partner of choice in network video: Axis Webcam Shop
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