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Languages Canada is Canada’s premier language organization representing both of Canada’s official languages: English and French. Membership is limited to member programs, both public and private, which meet the rigorous standards of the association and who are committed to upholding them. Our internationally recognized quality assurance scheme is comprehensive, rigorous and covers the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration.

Students choose ETC International College (formerly known as ETC School of English) because they discover a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which to study and caring professionals who are keen to help them make the most of their time in Great Britain. We know that our students’ needs are unique and that their time is precious.

At ETC International College, clients can be sure that they will receive helpful and efficient guidance and encouragement. With students from such a large number of different countries following courses at ETC, there are great opportunities for students to make many new friends and possibly useful, new contacts that they will keep long after their courses have finished. International College webcam Edmonton University, Lounge and Canada webcam

Bulgaria, Sofia, Alexandrovska Street

In Bulgaria, Alexandrovska Street is the main shopping street in Sofia. It runs North from the railway station and bus station past Hotel Bulgaria and Burgas University to the Saint John Of Rila Church.

The clock on Alexandrovska is a popular meeting place. It is on the corner of Alexandrovska and Aleko Bogoridi Street next to Svoboda Square

The Alexandrovska is your best chance to find name brand clothes and accessories that are not copies as you normally see in the Black Sea resorts, but the real thing.

The monument to the Soviet soldier is from the Warsaw Pact days. Because of Bulgarian history, not least the Russian help at the battle against the Turks at the Shipka Pass, Russia has been seen as a real friend of Bulgaria. The beautiful Russian Church at the foot of the Shipka Pass is another example. Read the rest of this entry »

Oberstdorf Ortsmitte Webcam

Oberstdorf is a municipality and skiing and hiking town in southwest Germany, located in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps.
At the center of Oberstdorf is a church whose tall spire serves as a landmark for navigating around town. The summits of the Nebelhorn and Fellhorn provide dramatic panoramic views of the alps. The Nebelhorn can be reached with a big cable car. Oberstdorf is one of the highest market towns in Germany. Oberstdorf Webcam and Germany Webcam

Webcam offers sneak peek at ferry wait

People heading for the Kootenay Lake ferry terminal at Kootenay Bay can get a look at just how long the wait will be thanks to a new webcam, reports Megan Cole for the Nelson Star.

The East Shore Internet Society set up the webcam as a service to the community, says Bob Carter, operations manager for the society.

“It’s been very popular. People think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. It is really handy and I’ve used it many times myself, especially when the little ferry was running, I would sit there and wonder do I go for the ferry and think ‘not yet, not yet. Ok now!’” he said. The webcam can be seen HERE.