The New Bulbcam is Working

Unlike the bulb, the first camera had a limited life of about 3 years. We are hoping this one will give the bulb a run for its money.

This Webcam image will continue to be updated every 30 seconds. So to enjoy the view of Fire Station Number 6 either click Here !

To see a few saved shots, from the first camera, a captured moment with the Bulbs sister, and a few shots of the New Bulbcam from the “Other side”, click here. The webcam is brought to you courtesy of the LPFD, and the City of Livermore.

Webcam around the world

There are some amazing webcams around the world. Can’t make it to the destination you want? Curious to see what’s happening in your favorite destinations?  Go to Webcam Guide

How to Use a Digital Camera As a Webcam

Many models of digital cameras are considered to be unusable as a webcam on a computer. It is also considered unnecessary due to the relative low cost of actual webcams. But if you absolutely want your camera to double as a webcam, you can with the right computer device. You need a video capture device that will transmit video images to your computer and a cable that will connect this device to the video port on your camera. If the camera doesn’t have a video port, there is one other semi-option.

•Step 1
Make sure the camera has audio-video outputs. These will look like mini stereo ports. If the camera doesn’t have them, skip to the last step.

•Step 2
Connect a video capture card device to your computer. You need one with a USB-to-RCA composite connection. Plug this adapter into an open USB port on the computer.

Step 3
Link the camera to the video capture card through a mini-to-composite video cable. This cable has the the three RCA composite plugs (yellow, red and white) on one end and a mini stereo plug with three black bands on the other end. Plug the composite plugs to the video card, making sure the colors link up and connect the mini to the camera’s video output. Read the rest of this entry »

Ōma, Aomori Japan Webcam

The Shimokita Peninsula is the remote northeastern cape of the Japanese island of Honshū.  Shaped like an axe pointing west, the peninsula has a thin “axe handle” connecting the mountainous “axe blade” to the mainland.

Shimokita is best known as the site of Mount Osore, the mythical Japanese location of the entrance to Hell. The lush Yagen Valley, known for its hot springs, is also located in Shimokita, as is Hotokegaura, wind-carved cliffs said to resemble Buddhas, and the village of Rokkasho, home to a range of nuclear facilities.

Ōma occupies the northwestern coastline of Shimokita Peninsula, facing the Tsugaru Strait. The town has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.  The area around Ōma was inhabited by the Emishi people until the historical period.

The economy of Ōma was traditionally heavily dependent on commercial fishing. The town was famous for its tuna sold under the “Ōma” registered trademark.  Other seafood products include sea urchin roe, konbu and squid :  Japan  Aomori Ooma webcam

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