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Watch Tate Modern’s extension take shape on new Bankside webcam

A new webcam mounted on the Blue Fin Building at Bankside allows local residents to get a glimpse behind the hoardings as preparatory works for Tate Modern’s extension get under way. The webcam captures an image of the building site to the south west of the existing Tate Modern gallery every 15 minutes during the working day. The images can be viewed as a time-lapse sequence to give an indication of progress on the site.

In January Mayor of London Boris Johnson visited Bankside to start enabling works for the gallery’s extension. The Mayor wielded a shovel at a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony in one of the three oil tanks of the former Bankside Power Station. The oil tanks will form a key feature of the expanded gallery designed by Herzog and de Meuron which Tate hopes will be completed in 2012.

This week Tate unveiled a new open-air exhibition on the hoardings around the building site by Swedish artist Martin Karlsson. Tate still has a long way to go to raise all the funding required for the £215 million extension.  Follow the progress with the webcam. More webcam from London and England

Tips to consider when purchasing and installing a wireless outdoor surveillance webcamera system

Wireless surveillance cameras can be a convenient and effective way to improve the security in and around your home. When it comes to outdoor surveillance however, it takes special cameras and equipment to withstand the varying weather and lighting conditions that they will inevitably face. The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at some of the special camera requirements that are necessary to implement an effective wireless outdoor surveillance camera system.

When developing a security plan for the exterior of your home or business, it is important to remember that indoor and outdoor surveillance require vastly different strategies. In some instances, your outdoor surveillance needs might be quite simple. A weatherproof housing and regular surveillance camera may be all you need to get adequate coverage. However, in most instances, outdoor video surveillance requires more careful planning and consideration. Some important things to consider when selecting outdoor wireless security cameras include:

Lighting and power source availability due to camera placement — Exposure to the elements cannot only damage the cameras themselves; it can also severely affect image quality as well. If lighting conditions are poor, or weather severe, your outdoor cameras may fail to provide the clarity you are relying on. Depending on your specific security needs, there are special outdoor cameras you may want to consider. For example, if you have particularly low lighting conditions outside your home, you may want to consider purchasing a special infrared camera that can function with little or no light at all. Alternatively, perhaps you need to monitor an outbuilding or location where there is no existing power source nearby. You may need to consider purchasing a special solar powered surveillance camera instead. Read the rest of this entry »

Webcam Gestures

The webcam is turning into an ever more powerful addition to our computers. We have already seen what you can do with PlayStation Eye. Ray-Ban has the virtual mirror, and now you will soon be able to control your computer via your web cam too.

The technology comes from Mgestyk, and allows you to control games, viewing photos, and browsing the net, apart from simply being able to control the mouse-cursor itself.