The webcam at the top of the world Everest Webcam

The Webcam sits on Kala Patthar, a mountain in the Himalayas, at an altitude of more than 18,000 feet. This vantage point gives it a clear and spectacular view of Everest’s western face when conditions are right.

With no electrical outlets handy way up there, the Webcam is solar-powered. It’s only active during daylight hours. Mobotix is the company that provided the type-M12 Webcam. It is designed to deal with some pretty tough weather conditions like blasting winds and below freezing temperatures.

The live Everest Webcam is part of the Everest Share 2011 research project that is gathering climate and environmental information on the famous peak. This Webcam is good news for armchair mountaineers.

Peregrine falcon family in San Francisco, Usa

Falcons arrived in early February to begin courtship at this nest box on the PG&E headquarters building in downtown San Francisco. PG&E has been a terrific host to the birds since we established the first nest camera on the building in partnership with them in 2005. In addition, PG&E helps underwrite conservation education school assemblies by SCPBRG throughout Central and Northern California.

Falcons have been associated with this building since 1987 when the first nest box was installed. They have used the building intermittently for nesting since 2003.

Watch these Peregrine falcon parents tend to their four new chicks hatched on April. More webcams about Falcon from all the world.

Photos with funny effects

If you go to, you can use any webcam to take funny photos either with various filters, distortion effects, scenes or frames.

You don’t need to install anything or even sign up just give the site permission to access your webcam through Adobe Flash when prompted.

Once you take a photo, you can either save it to the Webcam Photo public gallery or private gallery also download the JPG file to your computer.

You can also try out similar website with effects at Webcam You. Snap and share pictures of you and your friends using your webcam. Snap! Your own Photobooth!

Farm webcams are great to see!

Innovative farmers in the ailing farm industry have been transforming their working farms into Farm Parks, and there is a difference. The whole raison d’être of farm parks is to welcome visitors, particularly children, to feed, pet, cuddle and generally enjoy baby animals. It’s a matter of out with the Friesians and in with the pet bunnies, lambs, goats and other long-suffering creatures.

Farm parks are going one step further, and several have live webcams to view the young animals. Leader of the pack, as you might say, is Denbury Farm in Somerset. After dark there is even the opportunity to view badgers, foxes and other nocturnal creatures on the prowl. Read the rest of this entry »