Interview for your next job via webcam

Companies are looking to be cost-efficient while they search for new hires. That’s why webcam interviews are taking off. “You’re having social cues. You’re making eye contact. You’re laughing. You’re interacting with the person in the same way that you would face to-face,” said Meghan Cavanaugh, HR Manager for LaunchSquad.

Webcams are becoming a fast, cost-effective way to screen potential job candidates. “For people that don’t have a webcam, we actually will send them out a webcam with a return label so we’re not requiring them to go out and buy anything to do it,” said Recruiting Manager Christa Foley.

Merchandising assistant Kristin Colbert was hired at Zappos after her webcam interview. “I was a little nervous with the technology aspect of using a webcam for  the interview,” said Colbert. Test your webcam before with Test my Cam. Read the rest of this entry »

Webcam shows progress on new stem cell research center

With the grand opening of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine less than three months away, work is wrapping up on the new stem cell research center located in the heart of the Torrey Pines Mesa research cluster.

You can see the progress live on this webcam set up by the consortium, which is made up of the Salk Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, the University of California San Diego and the Sanford-Burnham Institute for Medical Research.

The center is one of seven stem cell research institutes funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which was created by California voters to pump $3 billion in taxpayer funds into the field.

CIRM provided $43 million for the La Jolla center, while another $30 million came from Denny Sanford, a South Dakota philanthropist who gave $20 million and his name to the Sanford-Burnham Institute in 2007. A grand opening ceremony for the stem cell research center is scheduled for Nov. 29. Watch progress on new stem cell research center: Click HERE

Online Webcam Interview: How To Prepare Yourself For It

You have been asked to have an online video interview? And you’re getting stressed? All shaky just for that?

Come on! I Know, it is something new because been interviewed online is not something that happens every day, but it is going to happen more and more. And I figured out what it takes for you to be properly prepared to do a video interview, with me, with anyone else. Doesn’t matter what software or tool they use. The rules are always the same. So, I have taken note of what really counts and I’m going to give you some specific tips about what you need to prepare yourself for a proper online video interview when you are the one being interviewed.

  1. Ok. For what concerns yourself, where you place yourself, it is important you get yourself properly and comfortably sit in a place where you got some good light.

This is the main problem everyone has got. You place yourself somewhere, you see, which does not look like it is dark, you think it is ok. No, that is not ok.

You do not see it right now, but not only there is the sunshine out of here, but there is one, two, three, four lights going on here in all directions to make sure that the overall impression of my complexion and everything is very warm and cool. That does not happen automatically.

At the very minimum, in a situation where you just need to do it just in time, just take one of those desk lamps and do not shoot it in your face. But shoot it in the wall in front of you. So kind of standing in front of the wall, that is possibly white- or light-colored and shoot a strong white light in front on that wall, so that you get some diffuse light on you.

  1. Second thing: frame yourself inside the webcam eye, the webcam lens, the camcorder that is shooting at you with your head.

Do not go back and show all your body and all the stuff you got hanging on in the room, that is not relevant. You want to fill in the screen with just your face: from chin to the top of your head. You need to cut off nothing. And fill in with that. So you need just little background, and that should be as neutral as possible.

  1. Then remember: wherever the webcam is, look inside that eye. Look inside there. Do not look at the screen, at yourself, at the other guy, while you are talking and answering. Look inside the webcam. Turn your directions there and talk directly into it, as much as possible. Even if the guy is talking to you right here, you keep talking back to him back right there, you do not do all ah-ah-ah and then you ah. You just ah-ah-ah here the whole time.

To summarize:

  • Lights
  • Framing
  • Watching in direct
  • and Talking clearly and direct.
  • Do not rant. Do not go on too much on your own thing, telling your own story. You know, be concise. Give space so that this become more of a conversation, less of an interview.
  • Make sure you avoid having your speakers up (switched on) on your computer.
  • Use a headset. That makes you look kind of an astronaut, looks cool, technological: that is fine.
  • Get a good microphone.
  • Move the microphone away from being right in front of your mouth. When you get these microphones here, that come on front here like Michael Jackson, move them away from the front of your mouth and make sure it is not directly in front of where you are doing these noises. Because they will be felt. So, move the microphone out of the way. You will be heard very clearly. No matter what.

What else you need to:

  • Turn off your mobile.
  • Turn off your real telephone.
  • Make sure nobody is going to ring at the door, at the bell and nobody is going to come and ask for help right now. Tell everybody in the office, at home, that you are doing a video interview for so many minutes: make sure nobody is going to disturb you.
  • Make sure you got batteries running, enough tape, and those are the basics.

Chat with Random Strangers Webcam Chatroulette

In the 21st century, an online service has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of hits if it is social networking enabled. Networking is the key. Now after a decade of connecting with real world friends online, people suddenly have the desire to befriend strangers. Let us not get into the argument as to what good can come out of such an idea.

There are quite a few online chat services that help people to connect with random strangers irrespective of their geographic location and we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Though not the first chat service to pair up random strangers, WebcamChatroulette did add video zing to the otherwise bland random text chats. The Webcam Chatroulette connects millions of strangers in random video conversations. The web app itself is pretty bare-bones, with two video panes showing the user & you, a huge pane for text chat and a couple of buttons for controlling the chat. Each random chat conversation is referred to as a game and you can restart a new game at any time. The site requires you to be clothed at all times and plans to introduce custom chat rooms in the future: WebcamChatroulette