Farm webcams are great to see!

Innovative farmers in the ailing farm industry have been transforming their working farms into Farm Parks, and there is a difference. The whole raison d’être of farm parks is to welcome visitors, particularly children, to feed, pet, cuddle and generally enjoy baby animals. It’s a matter of out with the Friesians and in with the pet bunnies, lambs, goats and other long-suffering creatures.

Farm parks are going one step further, and several have live webcams to view the young animals. Leader of the pack, as you might say, is Denbury Farm in Somerset. After dark there is even the opportunity to view badgers, foxes and other nocturnal creatures on the prowl. Read the rest of this entry »

Importance of webcam

Consumers should know that webcam is a video capturing device connected to the computer or computer network with the help of usb port. Sometimes webcam is connected with the network, ethernet and wifi available in the market. Consumers should knowthat the information that webcam is used for video telephony allowing the pc functioning as videophone and video conferencing station. Later these webcam are used in messenger programs such as webcam chat roulette, windows live messenger, skype,and yahoo messenger services.consumers should know that webcam is used in video files recording and still-images which can be accessed via different software programs, devices and applications. Also webcam are famous for its cheap manufacturing price and flexibility than the rest of the webcams of various brand available in the market.

in 1991 webcam was shown in the computer science department in cambridge university . Afterwards the usage of webcam was blocked due to certain techincal prbolem in 2001. The oldest webcam is working since 1994 at San Francisco State University. The Steves AntFarm was launched in 1994 which was the first webcam of its type in the market. Later in 1996 another webcam produced in the market by JenniCam for its users which was quite famous on various webcam sites . After seeing the demand of the consumers in the market, apple and other computer hardware producers start producing inbuilt webcam in the laptop and desktop screens avoiding the usage of usb and firewire webcam externly. Read the rest of this entry »

Visual Field Trips: Webcam Feeds for Classroom Viewing

Yes, today’s post is another freebie for teachers featuring webcam feeds you could be incorporating into your classroom.  Consider these as teleportation devices to many of the world’s greatest landmarks, national parks, and historical significance.  In addition they are virtual eyes that allow students to study animal behavior patterns and habitats.  Possibly they could be regarded as voyeuristic tools where students can ride along with a big rig truck driver or observe the physics of skateboard parks.  The choices are vast, but they do bring a bit of the outside world into the walls of your classroom.

As I was gathering these sites, I have come to a few conclusions.

First, webcam technology is drastically improving.  I did find many cameras allowed the viewer to take virtual control of the camera.  Students can zoom, move the camera around, and even switch camera feeds.

Secondly, some of the best webcam feeds have been disabled and replaced with better internet broadcasting.  The concept is the same, except the image is fluid and more of a television show feed. I do believe this is going to be the mainstream for webcams within the next few months, so I will most likely be making modifications to this blog post periodically.

Finally, Google Map Webcam layer and versatility is definitely on the rise making classroom discussions more interactive.  To view webcam locations just go to 123cam Live Webcam Directory. You will find these webcam feeds by topic of animals, landforms, geography, travel, history, social studies, and science with hopes that you will find one or two treasures….

Webcam Winter Wonderland

Webcams can be fun, but stationary ones are usually pretty dull. With the right weather and at the right time of day, however, the images they transmit can sometimes possess considerable charm.

More webcams at the link, including a “New Years Eve” cam from Öskjuhlíð, the hill overlooking the city. If the weather is clear, it should provide a great view of the fireworks that night : Iceland, Reykjavik, Tjornin