Ōma, Aomori Japan Webcam

The Shimokita Peninsula is the remote northeastern cape of the Japanese island of Honshū.  Shaped like an axe pointing west, the peninsula has a thin “axe handle” connecting the mountainous “axe blade” to the mainland.

Shimokita is best known as the site of Mount Osore, the mythical Japanese location of the entrance to Hell. The lush Yagen Valley, known for its hot springs, is also located in Shimokita, as is Hotokegaura, wind-carved cliffs said to resemble Buddhas, and the village of Rokkasho, home to a range of nuclear facilities.

Ōma occupies the northwestern coastline of Shimokita Peninsula, facing the Tsugaru Strait. The town has a cold maritime climate characterized by cool short summers and long cold winters with heavy snowfall.  The area around Ōma was inhabited by the Emishi people until the historical period.

The economy of Ōma was traditionally heavily dependent on commercial fishing. The town was famous for its tuna sold under the “Ōma” registered trademark.  Other seafood products include sea urchin roe, konbu and squid :  Japan  Aomori Ooma webcam

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Cruise Ship GIGLIO Webcam

The luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia lies on its side after it ran aground off the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy on Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. The Italian Coast Guard says its divers have found two more bodies aboard the stricken Costa Concordia cruise ship: Giglio Webcams

Biscayne Bay Webcam

View of Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, the Port of Miami and the city in the background. Biscayne Bay (Bahía Vizcaína in Spanish) is a lagoon that is approximately 35 miles (56 km) long and up to 8 miles (13 km) wide located on the Atlantic coast of south Florida, United States. It is usually divided for purposes of discussion and analysis into three parts: North Bay, Central Bay and South Bay.

North Bay lies between Miami Beach barrier island from Miami on the mainland. It has been severely affected over the last century by raw sewage releases, urban runoff, shoreline bulkheading, dredging, the creation of artificial islands and the loss of natural fresh water flow into the bay. However, water quality has steadily improved since regular monitoring began in 1979. North Bay accounts for only 10% of the water area of the Biscayne Bay Webcam.

Central Bay is the largest part of the bay. It is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Safety Valve, a series of shallow flats separated by tidal flow channels, stretching from the south end of Key Biscayne to the Ragged Keys at the north end of the Florida Keys. It has been adversely affected primarily by bulkheading, urban runoff discharged by canals, and the loss of natural fresh water flow. Read the rest of this entry »