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Panasonic Network Cameras are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, land and building owners, and managers.  The motto for Panasonic is “See There When You Cannot Be There”.

Whether you are wanting to keep an eye on a vacation home or need to keep tabs on employee movements from a distance, network cameras are the answer.  No audio, one-way audio, or even two-way audio models are available as well as functions to tilt, zoom, or pan remotely even from a web enabled cell phone. Cameras are available to fit most any budget.  From a camera with full motion video using MPEG4 with Pan, Tilt, and 42X Optical Zoom, motion detection that automatically emails a snapshot, full 30 frames per second at VGA display size to more economical JPEG cameras with 10x digital zoom, Panasonic Network Cameras are available to fill your need. 

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What is Webcam Chatroulette ?

The Webcam Chatroulette is video chatting with random people from anywhere in the world. You do not need to create a username or password, no need to provide an email address or your age. WebcamChatroulette embraces the concept of absolute anonymity, which accounts for a large part of the website’s appeal.

A web camera is required to play, you can only view whatever your partner chooses to show you on their side of the camera face, body, inanimate object, it’s their decision. If you become sick, bored, or revolted by your current partner, you may click the “next” button and poof your chatting partner disappears and is replaced with another : WebcamChatroulette

How To Use The Webcam In Your Laptop

Almost all new laptops and netbooks have built-in webcams. Many new owners ask: How do I use the webcam? Typically there is no icon to click to activate a webcam, and nothing indicated under the programs list. This article describes how to test a webcam to make sure it is working, how to use a webcam to take pictures and videos, and how to use a webcam for video chat services.

The first step to take is to test your webcam to make sure it is working. The good news is we have a free web site you can use to test your camera. Simply click here to test your webcam. By using this site you can make sure your image quality is clear, your lighting is good, and you are in focus.  Read the rest of this entry »

Japan : Mount Fuji Webcam

Mount Fuji Webcam

If you have always wanted to see Mount Fuji but never had the chance you can always try watching through this webcam. I have heard there are a few webcams to use to get your Mount Fuji fix, but this is far and away the best one.

Here is the webcam list that will show Mount Fuji any time of day…

Also if you look over to the left, you can choose “best shot” and see some of the clearer or more interesting shots of Mount Fuji from the past, before getting back to the live camera and just watching the one of the most famous mountains in the world real time.

You can also use the map placed below the webcam image to change the camera angle and you have three different angles to choose from.

They don’t have an embed option so I can’t put it up here for you but here’s the site of the Mount Fuji web cam. The picture at the top of this post was taken from the webcam at Fujinomiya on January 15, 2008. This is one of my favorite ones on the site because of how it looks almost like it is erupting… lest we forget that the majestic Mt Fuji is still just a big volcano!

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