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View in Gatlinburg, the Tennessee Center City traffic. The city is a popular holiday resort, because this is Great Smoky Mountains National Park along Highway 441 border responsibilities. Pleasant scenery and fresh air can be hard to forget : Gatlinburg webcams

Gatlinburg Cabins and Gatlinburg Hotels may feature many amenities including pool tables, hot tubs, pools, theater rooms and of course beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Located in East Tennessee, Gatlinburg is home to the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. With many major attractions including Dollywood, Wonderworks, Ober Gatlinburg and many others, Gatlinburg is an easily accessible meeting and reunion place for the Eastern, Southern and Midwest United States. The Wedding capital of the East, many Gatlinburg Weddings each year followed by honeymoons and many anniversaries to come. View in Gatlinburg and more webcam from United States

Webcam Dangers and Precautions for Tweens and Teens

Webcams make it fun for people to see each on computer screens. There are, however, many dangers using these devices.

Who ever thought the day would come when people could actually see each while communicating through a computer. Well, that is just what a webcam allows. It is a major advancement in technology being used worldwide. While it is fun for a tween to use a webcam, there are some dangers. Here are precautions parents should take to make sure using a webcam is safe.

Monitor Webcam Activity
Parents should monitor webcam activity that goes on in the home. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that tweens and teens are using the device appropriately. It is not uncommon for kids to get carried away with the freedoms that a webcam allows, such as talking about things that should not be said through webcams because the video can be saved and, thus, vulnerable to be watched by someone who was not intended to hear sensitive information (such as giving away home location, phone number, etc.).

Another danger with webcams is a teen feeling comfortable about performing risque acts while using a webcam, such as between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Not only is the actual act unacceptable, but again, the video can later be viewed by others who were never intended to see it.

Where to Place a Webcam
To help avoid potential dangers, it is important to require a webcam to be placed in a heavily used room in the home and be designated as a family-shared device. Parents have fun using a webcam to keep in touch with far away family and friends, so it is only fair that everyone have the chance to use it.

Limit Webcam Usage
Another webcam precaution is that parents should set limits on how long a child can use the device in a single session. Be sure to give the child enough time to enjoy the interaction, but not so long that imaginations start to wander and inappropriate conversations and actions take place.

An activity that tweens and teens like to do with webcams is start a web show. This instantly brings to mind the popular TV series iCarly, which undoubtedly made the use of webcams explode. Be mindful that a web show will bring a home into view of potential viewers. While a web show itself can be fun and tasteful, it does make the location of the show vulnerable.

Highly Potential Webcam Dangers
The above-mentioned dangers of webcams are focused on an individual’s personal use. Here are potential dangers that are out of a user’s control. Keep these dangers in mind when allowing a tween or teen to use a webcam.

•Keep in mind that each webcam comes with an Internet address that can be tracked by anyone.
•Webcams are susceptible to computer viruses.
•Webcams come with a password feature. Use the feature and change passwords often.
Parents can purchase monitoring software to track webcam usage in the home. This will help make sure that kids are using the device appropriately. Webcams can be a fun communication device for the entire family. Keep it that way for a long time to come.

Top Wildlife Webcams

For most of us, it can be difficult to get a daily nature fix. But thanks to cutting-edge technology, we can see, in real time, hummingbirds in South America and wolves in Minnesota. Here are few web cams from around the globe that give a glimpse into the daily routines of animals from bald eagles to ants to otters.

This live streaming web cam lets you observe a slice of the coast in Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, home to 13 species of seabirds, five species of seals and sea lions, and land birds. Great white sharks and gray, blue, and humpback whales inhabit the surrounding waters.
Watch: Farallones Cam

Highly recommended: the wolf den cam. This morning, it showed a gorgeous white wolf and two others moving around the den. As the site explains, the den is the primary resting spot for wolves during the winter months, where they lie on beds of straw for added warmth. During the summer, they’re more likely to be inside, escaping the heat.
Watch: International Wolf Center web cams

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Webcam Works

Webcam Works Isabelle Jenniches

Isabelle Jenniches: Webcam Works
Solo exhibition (closing)
October 2 – November 6, 2009

Cabrillo Gallery
6500 Soquel Drive, Room 1002 (below library) at Cabrillo College, Aptos, California
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM – 4 PM, Monday & Tuesday evenings 7 – 9PM

Jenniches’ fascination for live cameras on the Internet – webcams – began over a decade ago. She’s used webcams in theatre, online performances and photographic series, and most recently to create monumental composite images.

Many miles away from the actual location yet connected via the Internet, the artist directs robotic cameras to scan the picture plane bit by bit. Over the course of several months or even years, she captures thousands of still images, and in a tedious manual process stitch them together into a single image of great complexity and detail. The result reveals the passage of time and develops its own narrative logic, offering a fictive yet hyper-realistic portrait of a place.

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