We know Lily the bear has two new cubs or three?

There’s a mystery in Lily’s den that still hadn’t been resolved by late Saturday. Two cubs were born on Friday to the black bear near Ely made famous by webcam. But was there a third? “There was confusion last night that maybe a third one was born,” said Lynn Rogers, the patriarch of the North American Bear Center in Ely, on Saturday afternoon. “We’re wondering how many are really in there.”

There’s no doubt about the first two, Rogers said. On Saturday, one cub was heard “squawking” while another was seen nursing. The first cub was born at 1:51 p.m. on Friday and the second at 3:03 p.m., he said. Some observers believed a third cub might have been born just after the second, and another flurry of reports about a possible third cub came close to midnight on Friday. If there is a third cub, it’s bound to be seen eventually because so many people are watching.

At 4:40 p.m. on Saturday, 3,864 people were watching the webcam, and untold thousands have spent time at their computer monitors watching at one time or another over the past few days. Moreover, Rogers said, 74 people around the world are carefully monitoring the webcam, putting together a minute-by-minute account of the goings-on in the den. Lily rocketed to Internet fame last winter when her cub Hope was born before a webcam audience. It might have been the most talked-about birth since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby in 2006, although Pitt and Jolie had more privacy.

Hope returned to the den with Lily this year, and so far isn’t exhibiting any signs of sibling rivalry, Rogers said. The 1-year-old has been seen licking one of the newborns. “We’ll see if Hope helps with them or maybe competes with them,” Rogers said. You can watch for yourself online HERE

Halifax Port Funnel


Take a city and harbour tour on board of Harbour Hopper. Camera active between 10 am and 7 pm. Webcam located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Journey the streets of historic downtown Halifax aboard the Harbour Hopper. Visit historical points of interest such as St. Paul’s Church, Citadel Hill, Public Gardens, Government House, City Hall, Museum of the Atlantic and more! Then, cast off into Halifax Harbour (without ever leaving your seat!), for a mariner’s view of Halifax’s naval fleet, spectacular harbourfront, and the beautiful skylines of both Halifax and Dartmouth.

It’s a fully narrated tour, and includes such topics as the Halifax Explosion and the rich history of Halifax’s role during war and peace while pointing out the many interesting anecdotes relative to our current fleet of naval vessels. A fun-filled amphibious adventure you’ll never forget! Enjoy a 55 minute tour of historic Halifax by LAND AND by SEA! Read the rest of this entry »

Household Storage is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Household and commercial storage units come in handy for people when they? e looking to relocate or move. Such storage facilities can hold anything from furniture to appliances to vehicles. Some are small, able to accommodate small boxes and pieces of furniture, while others are large and can hold vehicles, art, home goods, and more. Storage household and commercial can include containers, climate-controlled units, portable units, and self-storage facilities. Storage can refer either to the containers and shelves that hold items, or to the rooms or units that contain the boxes and shelves. Household Storage webcam is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Many self storage or storage centers provide security and climate controlled services in addition to space. Storage sheds, on the other hand, can be privately owned structures on a person? property, and may contain shelf space for lawn mowers and garden supplies. Sheds can be mobile, as well, which comes in handy for a move. Customers may rent a storage facility from a storage unit company or center, often getting their own key to return when they want. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Webcam Chatroulette ?

The Webcam Chatroulette is video chatting with random people from anywhere in the world. You do not need to create a username or password, no need to provide an email address or your age. WebcamChatroulette embraces the concept of absolute anonymity, which accounts for a large part of the website’s appeal.

A web camera is required to play, you can only view whatever your partner chooses to show you on their side of the camera face, body, inanimate object, it’s their decision. If you become sick, bored, or revolted by your current partner, you may click the “next” button and poof your chatting partner disappears and is replaced with another : WebcamChatroulette