Wolf web cam near Farmington ready for live litter

In this fast paced world of blue tooths and blackberries, we can get just about anything we want, at anytime. You can buy shoes, get directions, find phone numbers, update your Face book page, grab sport scores or witness live birth. Witness live birth?

“It’s been months of very impatiently waiting,” Terri Petter with Wolves-Woods and Wildlife said. Petter has set up a webcam in a spot where one of her wolves, Kootenai, will give birth near Farmington.

“She’s getting big. She’s starting to pull her hair out of her stomach to make her bed and we have a box all set up. It’s her den. It’s all clean and ready to go and the camera’s set up,” Petter explained. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Webcam Images from a Greenhouse on Devon Island

Inside view : Webcam images are sent back more or less daily at roughly the same time of day. One webcam (daily image) is pointed north at the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse located at the Haughton Mars Project Research Station on Devon island in the Canadian high arctic, in Nunavut close to the North Pole. This greenhouse was donated by SpaceRef Interactive, Inc. in 2002. Another webcam shows images from inside the greenhouse where plants are now growing: Webcam images and more webcams from Polar World

Webcamchatroulette Girls

The popular Webcamchatroulette site has been and continues to be a venue where one can meet girls of all types, from all over the world. While most of these online video conversations are just a fleeting distraction during a day of online work, some meetings on webcamWebcamchatroulette lead to lasting friendships and more with the wide variety of Webcamchatroulette girls who visit the site from all over the world.

The Friendly Girl
Of course, most people who enjoy  Webcamchatroulette are there to meet and chat with a friendly girl. The friendly Webcamchatroulette girl is usually a student or other young person who has time to chat during the day and is innocently looking to meet people for friendship and refreshing chat. Usually reasonably attractive physically, honest in her conversation, nicely and properly dressed, calm, and well spoken, the friendly girl can be from anywhere in the world and often is looking for language practice with a native speaker of the language she wants to learn. Encounters with the friendly girl are pleasant, and often lead to further conversation via E-mail or a messenger program.

The Russian Girl
While the friendly girl can be from anywhere, there are specifically many Russian girls who are quite friendly and tend to be very attractive and feminine. Even if some of these girls may seem unusually forward to more reserved Western Webcamchatroulette chatters, they are kind and well-meaning and really do just want to have fun and meet friends online. Since the program was developed in Russia by a young Russian man, there are indeed many fascinating, yet warm and unpretentious, Russian girls waiting to make friends on Webcamchatroulette.

The Emo Girl
Again coming from anywhere is the emotional girl. Not necessarily the same as the type of girl who is known as “emo” in American slang, the emotional Webcamchatroulette girl turns to Webcamchatroulette because of some emotional upset or state that she wants to deal with by talking. These emotional girls often look to speak to stable older people, and while the usual scenario is a young lady who has just broken up with or been betrayed by a boyfriend, some emotional Webcamchatroulette girls are truly crying for help after a real tragedy such as the loss of a parent and an experienced adult should try to take the opportunity to assist them by keeping in touch after referring them to proper online help. Read the rest of this entry »

Porjus and the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the great sights of the natural world, with their breathtaking display of seemingly magical illumination. While they can be viewed across the polar regions at certain times of the year, few have the chance to travel and enjoy them in person. Even those who do may be disappointed by a no-show.

Porjus is a village in Swedish Lapland, the northern part of Sweden. This is the place where Northern Lights are most frequently seen and are at their best. With just a little more than 400 inhabitants, Porjus is a small village. Being small like that, there is little artificial light. So it gets dark, very dark. The ideal place for experiencing one of the most impressive, natural light spectacles on earth: Northern Lights! Just outside your apartment door, in the heart of Lapland…

Northern Lights are very special. It is unlike any other light phenomenon in nature. It comes in different colors and patterns. In our gallery you can see our pictures and movies shot in Porjus. It will give you an impression, but to see it with your own eyes, is an experience you will never forget and a sweet memory for life. Welcome to Sweden webcam!