Test your Webcam, Play with your Webcam, Eye Toy

On HelloWebcam.com you can play with your webcam and view live video of yourself in fun effects! HelloWebcam is a free website to play with your webcam online using your web browser. Uses Adobe Flash Player, AKA Macromedia Flash. Anyone with a webcam, and Flash Player can have some fun…Try it! 

This website requires Flash and a Webcam to play. if your webcam doesn’t seem to be working from Flash, right-click (or control-click) on the Flash animation, select Settings and try choosing a different video source (default is not always the right one).

Acid-flashback-webcam : Move your hands and behold, trippy motion trailing blurred effects.

Alternate-universes-webcam : Many views of your self, some different times & places.

ASCII-webcam : Turn live video into ASCII characters.

ASCII- Text webcam : Turn live video into ASCII Text characters.

Bounce-ball-game-webcam : Bounce Ball Game Webcam.

Capture Picture Webcam : Capture a picture with a Webcam

Detect-motion-demo-webcam : Motion detection demonstration.

Edge-motion-demo-webcam : Edge detecting and motion sensing demos.

Face-detection-demo-webcam: Face Detection Demo Webcam.

Feeling-dizzy-webcam : Impaired vision effect like when you have a high fever or alcohol poisoning.

Fire-flames-effect-webcam : Flames on effect, you appear to be on fire.

Fireworks webcam : Fireworks !     Fisheye webcam : Your image is distorted into a ball shape.

Flipper-mirror-demo-webcam : Flipper Mirror Demo Webcam.

Fun motion detection webcam : Fun motion detection.

Grid of squares webcam : Grid of squares over the webcam.

Halloween webcam : Halloween webcam face detection.

Matrix webcam : Green webcam effect giving the appearance that you are in the Matrix.

Mirror-symetrical-effect-webcam : See half your screen flipped and facing each other.

Move-cube-with-webcam : Move to the left and so will this 3D rendered cube.

Multiple-webcam : Just a screen full of many yous, nothing but you.

Negative color effect webcam : Negative Color Effect.

Panels webcam : Panels Webcam : Multi-Views.

Photo booth webcam : Captures images from your webcam and save them to your desktop.

Photo booth for Valentine’s day : Captures images from a webcam and save them.

Play piano with webcam : Play piano with a webcam.

Play with Hands webcam : Play with Hands and the ball.

Refraction-webcam : See the world through a bug’s eye vision.

Sepia-tone-webcam : Make your video look like olde fashioned photographs.

Set hand detection demo webcam : Test your webcam.

Slitscan webcam : Use the Up and Down arrow keys to increase/decrease the delay of the slit-scan effect.

Space-rift-webcam : Horizontal plane is askew, shifting slices.

Snapshot webcam :  Snapshot Picture.

Snippet webcam : Snippet webcam.

Stadium-wave-webcam : Be the crowd that starts the wave crave.

Test your webcam : Test your webcam online.

Twister-webcam : Drag the corners with mouse, fold, twist, distort.

Uncanny-alien-zap-cam :

Water-mirror-effect-webcam : Move around to jiggle the water on the left panel.

Webcam-kaleidoscope-webcam : Simpler version, less intense on CPU usage.

Winter-snow-webcam : it’s snowing in your room and on you, you can brush the snow off.

Webcam Game : Move around to pop and avoid bubbles.

X-Marks-spot-effect-webcam : Neat effects using letters X.

Zooming webcam : Zoom your webcam.

3d-bits-effect-webcam : 3D graph almost, each color is a different hieght.

3D-cube-webcam : 3D rendered cube that spins around.

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