International Space Station Gets A Webcam

The word is out, folks, and we’ve even got a link back to it that says that the international space station has officially set up its own webcam feed.

For those of you out there who are space buffs and righteously torqued that the Obama Administration’s entire plan for NASA appears to be “watch global warming”, you may feel safe in the knowledge that the International Space Station is still up and running, and you can even watch what’s going on.

From NASA spokesperson Kelly Humphries:

“They’re doing a lot of really interesting scientific research work. And they’re completing the assembly of the space station right now. And we just feel it’s a great opportunity to give folks insight into what’s going on up there and how their tax dollars are being used.”

And NASA has generally done pretty amazing things with our tax dollars–after all, we wouldn’t have the internet if it weren’t for NASA and the like–so it’s great to know we can get a look at what’s going on up there in a very non-intrusive fashion.  We can be a fly on the wall in deep space.

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