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Peregrine falcon family in San Francisco, Usa

Falcons arrived in early February to begin courtship at this nest box on the PG&E headquarters building in downtown San Francisco. PG&E has been a terrific host to the birds since we established the first nest camera on the building in partnership with them in 2005. In addition, PG&E helps underwrite conservation education school assemblies […]

Farm webcams are great to see!

Innovative farmers in the ailing farm industry have been transforming their working farms into Farm Parks, and there is a difference. The whole raison d’être of farm parks is to welcome visitors, particularly children, to feed, pet, cuddle and generally enjoy baby animals. It’s a matter of out with the Friesians and in with the […]

Importance of webcam

Consumers should know that webcam is a video capturing device connected to the computer or computer network with the help of usb port. Sometimes webcam is connected with the network, ethernet and wifi available in the market. Consumers should knowthat the information that webcam is used for video telephony allowing the pc functioning as videophone […]

The first webcam was created to watch a coffee pot!

In 1991, a camera was installed to capture pictures of the coffee pot in the Trojan Room of the old computer lab at the University of Cambridge! The idea behind it was to allow people to see if there was still coffee without having to go from their respective departments/rooms to the pot! The image […]