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Peregrine falcon chick hatches at Derby cathedral

The first of four peregrine falcon eggs has hatched at Derby Cathedral watched live by webcam viewers from around the world. The other eggs are expected to hatch in the next few days. Nick Dixon, a national expert on peregrines nesting, is asking anyone who sees the chicks being fed to leave a comment on […]

Secure webcams not always safe

Improper Internet setup leaves images open to unauthorized viewers. Bolstered by advertisements with phrases such as “a sense of reassurance and safety,” an increasing number of password-protected Web cameras have been installed at places such as nursery schools and children’s playrooms in condominiums to let parents remotely monitor their children via personal computer or cell […]

The loons, the loons: Webcam shows an incubating nest in Minnesota

The film “On Golden Pond” introduced common loons to the general public in 1981. Even their voice, particularly the yodel, became a widely recognized bird sound. Until then, we suspect few nonbiologists and nonbirders knew what loons were. They nest on isolated lakes across Canada and the northern tier of states so relatively few people […]

Web Cams bring new business

Everyone loves to see a great photo. On the web, some of the best photos to check out are from live web cams. Web cams are especially useful because they reflect real-time. If the beach where you want to surfing has a live web cam, you can check out the waves before loading up your […]