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An Online Webcam Video Conference Benefits You These 6 Ways

More and more companies are converting to Internet based video conferencing over holding more traditional business meetings. Online video conferences can be a useful tool to streamline and enhance meetings. Below are six reasons to consider using online video conference.

Italy Venice Webcam Weddings from Rialto Bridge

Venice Webcam Weddings from Rialto Bridge coming soon so newlywed’s friends and family worldwide may join couples tying the knot in Venice. The municipal council has organized a system that allows civil ceremonies taking place in Venice city hall a few steps from the Rialto Bridge to be broadcast online at an extra charge. The […]

Have a cat that won’t stay off your counters?

Have a cat that won’t stay off your counters? I do. I finally got fed up with it enough to do something about it: scare the crap out of him with a motion-detecting blender (while recording the results for my own amusement, of course). Confused at what you’re looking at? This is a repeating shot […]

Webcam Chat Roulette : Chat with people around the world

Webcam Chat Roulette appeared in the last couple of days a sort of Hot Or Not for random Webcam chats with random strangers. Visit the site and you’re suddenly connected in a video chat with someone randomly selected. You can of course hit the “next” button and move on to find somebody more interesting or better […]