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Test Your Webcam Online

The idea is simple: help you to test your webcam! Test my cam: Online service which automatically connects to your webcam to test if it is working. Demo Application To try out the demo application, you’ll need: • Flash Player 9 or more : This page should prompt you to update to Flash Player 10 […]

Webcam features baby falcons nesting outside public library

With a few clicks, Evanston residents can watch baby falcons grow from eggs to birds of prey on the Evanston Public Library’s website. The webcam, which operates from March to June, watches a nest of two falcons, which are two of 24 of their species in the state. The camera records every moment, from the […]

Peregrine falcon family in San Francisco, Usa

Falcons arrived in early February to begin courtship at this nest box on the PG&E headquarters building in downtown San Francisco. PG&E has been a terrific host to the birds since we established the first nest camera on the building in partnership with them in 2005. In addition, PG&E helps underwrite conservation education school assemblies […]

Farm webcams are great to see!

Innovative farmers in the ailing farm industry have been transforming their working farms into Farm Parks, and there is a difference. The whole raison d’être of farm parks is to welcome visitors, particularly children, to feed, pet, cuddle and generally enjoy baby animals. It’s a matter of out with the Friesians and in with the […]